MOCA Jacksonville-A Cultural Institute of the University of North Florida

In 2016, the Museum adopted a new thematic collecting strategy to chart the permanent collection’s ongoing growth and interpretation. Rather than discuss the collection in chronological terms, the six broad themes are:

Art as Social Commentary

The Evolution of Mark-making

Material as Meaning

New Media

Process and Object Relationship


Many artists and their works fall within multiple categories and highlight the depth and range of their artistic practices. These themes will grow in tandem with the growth of the permanent collection.

Featured exhibitions are an ongoing part of the offerings here. With a deep commitment to enhance an understanding and appreciation of modern and contemporary art these exhibitions highlight parallels between the collection and the the art and artists of our present moment. See MOCA Jacksonville

Choose from a regularly scheduled 15 minute mindful moment with one work of art (during the lunch hour), or a 60 minute tour focused on one aspect of the collection.  Thursday is Go Art's MOCA Jacksonville Day.  However, public tours can be scheduled most days.